Homeless Shelters

  • San Francisco- St. St Joeph's Family Center

      St. Joseph's Family Center

      899 Guerrero Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
      Phone: 415-550-4478

    St. Joseph's Family Center

    899 Guerrero Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

    Phone: 415-550-4478

    Focus: Homeless families

    Capacity: 10 families

    Offers: Emergency shelter, 3 daily meals, counseling services

    This organization's primary focus is getting families back on their feet. In addition to food and emergency housing, they also provide families counseling, crisis intervention, money management and job search support, parenting workshops, and children's activity programming geared to assisting families in maintaining healthy relationships.

    Website: http://community.cccyo.org/page.aspx?pid=453

  • San Francisco - Larkin Street Youth Services

    Larkin Street Youth Services

    Various addresses depending on the age group.... call before dropping in
    Phone: 800-669-6196 (24-hour)

    Focus: Youth Shelters (24 and under)

    Capacity: 40 beds (ages 18-24)

    Offers: Homeless shelter, ongoing substance abuse and life counseling, medical clinic (located next to drop-in center, open M-F)

    Larkin Street provides youth between the ages of 12 and 24 with the help they need to rebuild their lives. Each year, more than 3,000 youth walk through our doors seeking help. We give them a place where they can feel safe; rebuild their sense of self-respect, trust, and hope; learn school, life and job skills; and find the confidence to build a future.

    Email Address: icasanova@larkinstreetyouth.org

    Website: http://www.larkinstreetyouth.org/programs/housing/lark-inn/

  • San Francisco - Episcopal Community Services Of San Francisco

    Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco

    Must first obtain a reservation at one of these four reservation centers:
    Mission Neighborhood: 165 Capp Street
    MSC South: 525 Fifth Street
    UCHS: 2111 Jennings
    Glide Walk-in Center: 330 Ellis Street, #101
    Phone: Mission neighborhood (415-8697977), MSC South (415-597-7960),
    UCHS (415-671-1100), Glide Walk-in Center (415-574-6012)

    Focus: 24-Hour General Homeless Shelter

    Capacity: 534 beds (separate sections for men and women), 110 extra beds November-March

    Offers: Homeless shelter, low-cost housing programs, meals

    This is the largest provider of emergency shelter in San Francisco.

    Email Address: ktreggiari@ecs-sf.org

    Website: http://www.ecs-sf.org/index.html

  • San Jose - Family Supportive Housing

    Family Supportive Housing

    692 N. King Road, San Jose, CA (CALL FIRST)
    Phone: 408-926-8885

    Focus: Emergency Housing for families

    Capacity: Rooms for 35 families (up to 90 days)

    Offers: Emergency housing, meals, personalized case management, health care services, parenting classes

    Family Supportive Housing provides a full spectrum of services to hundreds of people for whom overcoming poverty, hunger, and homelessness is a daily struggle. Their programs address the needs of the whole family, including interim supportive housing, childcare, life skills classes, transitional housing and supportive services for families in permanent housing.

    Website: http://familysupportivehousing.org/index.php/

  • San Jose - Emergency Housing Consortium

    Emergency Housing Consortium

    2011 Little Orchard St. San Jose, CA 95125
    Phone: 408-539-2100, select option 1

    Focus: Winter emergency shelter (December through March 31)

    Capacity: 250 beds in winter shelter

    Offers: Emergency winter shelter, meals, job search and placement, mental health services, medical clinic, legal assistance, housing search assistance.

    This location serves homeless adults year-round, providing emergency shelter and an array of supportive services including job search and placement, mental health services, a medical clinic, case management, legal assistance, and housing search assistance.

    Email Address: info@homefirstscc.org

    Website: http://www.homefirstscc.org/

  • San Jose - Commercial Stree Inn

    Commercial Street Inn

    260 Commercial Street, San Jose, CA 95112
    Phone: 408-271-1630

    Focus: Emergency shelter for women and children

    Capacity: 55 women and children

    Offers: Women and children homeless shelter, case management, housing and job search assistance, children’s services, life skills education

    The InnVision shelter network operates a women and children-only stabilization shelter on Commercial street. Call before walk-in.

    Website: http://www.ivsn.org/services/family-services/commercial-street-inn/

  • Oakland - Crossroads


    7515 International Boulevard, Oakland, CA 94621
    Phone: 510-532-3211

    Focus: Emergency Housing

    Capacity: 125 beds

    Offers: Emergency shelter, 3 daily meals, counseling services

    Crossroads is the largest homeless shelter in Alameda County. Crossroads also provides life skills training, health care connections, mental health and substance abuse counseling, and access to permanent housing and job/career counseling.

    Email Address: info@eocp.net

    Website: http://www.eocp.net/what-we-do/crossroads/

  • Oakland - Operation Dignity

    Operation Dignity

    160 Franklin Street #103, Oakland, CA 94607
    Phone: 800-686-9036

    Focus: Emergency (winter only) and transitional housing for veterans

    Capacity: 100 beds in winter shelter, 136 transitional housing unity

    Offers: Emergency winter shelter, transitional housing, counseling, referrals to medical and mental health resources

    Operation Dignity assists homeless veterans and their families. They provide emergency, transitional and permanent housing for homeless in Alameda County, California. They also offer comprehensive support services, nutritious meals and a strong peer community. Operation Dignity’s goal is to help veterans rediscover hope and provide the tools needed to live a self-sufficient and stable life.

    Email Address: info@operationdignity.org

    Website: http://operationdignity.org/

  • Oakland - Cityteam Oakland

    Cityteam Oakland

    722 Washington St., Oakland, CA 94607
    Phone: 510-452-3758

    Focus: (faith-based organization) General men’s homeless shelter, meals, focuses on helping homeless get jobs and housing

    Capacity: 60 beds in the men's shelter

    Offers: Men’s homeless shelter, home-cooked meals, substance abuse programs, job and housing placement, medical and dental programs

    CityTeam is a well-established non-profit that has locations in several areas, including San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland. The Oakland location focuses on providing programs to aid the homeless, particularly homeless men.

    Email Address: oakland@cityteam.org

    Website: https://www.cityteam.org/oakland/programs.php

  • Oakland - Dream Catcher Youth Shelter and Support Center

    Dream Catcher Youth Shelter and Support Center

    2325 Clement Avenue Suite A, Alameda, CA 94501
    Phone: 510-593-7097

    Focus: Shelter for runaway and homeless youth (13-18)

    Capacity: 8 beds

    Offers: Shelter, food

    Since 2000, DreamCatcher Youth Services has been the only safe landing for homeless and disconnected at risk youth in Alameda County who are between the ages of 13-18. Over 90% who have been through DreamCatcher have moved directly into stable housing, further education or employment.

    Email Address: dreamcatcher@alamedafs.org

    Website: http://www.alamedafs.org/dreamcatcher/


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